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Yes minister radio episodes download

Yes minister radio episodes

8/8 Thirsty Jim Hacker's trip to an Arab state sparks diplomatic disarray. 6/8 Jim Hacker shuns Sir Humphrey's advice over dodgy weapon dealing. 3/8 Jim Hacker gets the better of Sir Humphrey over a crisis in Derbyshire. Episodes from the BBC's political sitcom, adapted for radio. Sixteen episodes of Yes Minister were adapted and re-recorded for The series was repeated on the digital radio station BBC Radio 7 in.

This is a list of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister episodes. 38 episodes were made in total, running from to This includes a one-hour special that. The first couple of episodes are radio plays - so the timing of the jokes is a bit off and the the actors sound like they are getting a bit tired of the lines compared to. Series: Yes Minister. Genre: Comedy Download Episode - File Size MB. The Official Visit Download Episode - File Size MB. The Economy Drive.

Wondering how leaving the EU will actually work? The legendary civil service mandarin clarifies the situation in a new sketch by Yes Minister. For the first time in one audio collection, all 16 Yes Minister radio episodes plus six further TV episodes, 14 Yes Prime Minister episodes and two bonus sketches .

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