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Mivue 388 download

Mivue 388

The Mio MiVue Drive Recorder is a GPS-enabled video recording device for your car. You might be wondering why you might want this. The Navman MiVue Dash Cam has GPS Tracking and degrees rotating mount which means you can get even more information about the incident. The Mio MiVue drive recorder uses high definition of video, GPS tracking and a g-sensor to protect you and your licence.

On the MiVue 5 & Touch series, you can set your device to receive visual, audio or voice alerts when approaching a safety camera. When the alert is set to an. Mio MiVue review. Chris Hall | 14 February 1/12 Pocket-lint. mio mivue review image 1. mio mivue review image 2. mio mivue review. MiVue has an integrated GPS receiver that enables tracking of the routes covered: capturing the image, direction, speed and geographical coordinates and.

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