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esoTalk is a free, open-source forum software package built with PHP and MySQL. Despite its simplicity, a large array of plugins and skins are available to extend the functionality of esoTalk. esoTalk requires PHP + and a modern version of MySQL. esoTalk has 17 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. esoForum is a web-forum discussing pasta, support, politics, music, development , krebs, nonsense, class, and communism.

The latest Tweets from esoTalk (@esoTalk). Fat-free forum software. Developed by @tobscure. Australia. esoTalk is free, open-source software that enables its users to run web-based forums. My name is Toby Zerner. I'm a 22 year old Aussie. Last year I completed my third year of undergrad medical school. This year, I'm taking a break from study to. is a free EsoTalk hosting for creating your own forum free of charge. I host the infrastructure for you, on my servers. After I played a little bit with the Flarum demo it seems slow compared to Esotalk. I hope it will be fixed / optimized during development, but it could be caused by.

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